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A lil’ more about Stan, your future photographer/filmmaker . . .


My background comes from working as a paparazzi photographer for a popular magazine, where I learned how to catch the perfect and most ideal moments in literally ANY environment!


Capturing weddings became a priority for me after my family moved to South Carolina from New Jersey in 2012 and opened a studio in Myrtle Beach, SC. Taking the balance of versatility and creative expression I am finding myself  behind the camera for over 13 years now, and for the past 7 years its been my full time job.


Recently I'm finding myself more and more in the transition towards videography...whether I am capturing images or creative films in the end of the day telling the story in unique way is what it matters. This is my calling, my career, my passion!


My hobbies are collecting vintage cameras & studying new technology. I have the experience to archive your life’s greatest moment using a vision that’ll create timeless memories for many years to come!


I know how important this step is for you, your spouse, and your family. Preserving memories is my passion, and creating stunning products for my customers is my number one priority! 

Stan Petrovsky

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